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About Us

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Our Philosophy:

Hunter Allan Building Services Ltd. was established in response to a need in the roofing industry for a synergistic approach to roof consulting services. Traditionally the roofing industry has been composed of three major players: contractors, manufacturers and designers. In the past these players were often at odds when approaching a roofing project, with all three players posturing for control of the project. Hunter Allan believes that all three players must be on the same team to produce a successful roofing project.

Co-operation – not conflict – is the key.

Hunter Allan works for you by delivering a winning team of unaffiliated professionals for your project, whether it be a small maintenance project or a complete roof replacement.


Projects that feature a team of unaffiliated professionals working together under the oversight of an independent design consultant and/or quality assurance observer often produce better outcomes for pricing, timeliness, material selection – and ultimately better construction.

The construction team’s sole common interest should be collectively and openly producing a quality construction that meets the expectations of the owner. Disaffiliation of each function (design, manufacture, and installation) helps assure this goal takes precedence over unseen profit sharing or collusion that is potential with previously allied construction parties.

An independent roof consultant will specify roofing designs based on years of experience derived from roof failure investigations, testing and maintenance management. A consultant knows the common shortcomings and merits of different material types and methods of integration and attachment. A consultant’s designs will include full consideration for material interplay between existing structural components, for codes and for micro-climate factors.



Our System

Through an exhaustive selection process, Hunter Allan pre-qualifies contractors and roof system manufacturers. Only the best make the team that will be invited to bid on you're roofing project. Contractors must be financially sound, possess sufficient liability and workers compensation insurance, be safety certified and have a solid track record of high quality workmanship. Manufacturers must be financially sound, have a lengthy track record of proven performance, be on the leading edge of research and development and provide a high level of technical resources. Both contractors and manufacturers know that remaining on our list of “Preferred Vendors” will require nothing less than premium quality and service on every project.

Our design process begins with consultations with the facility owner/manager to develop the design parameters for the project. Our design process also includes input from both a contractor’s and manufacturer’s perspective to ensure that all Hunter Allan designs pass the “litmus test” of being an installer friendly, high performance solution to you're roofing needs.

When combined with our investment in building strong working relationships with the team members to thoroughly understand your needs, the result is a successful project that maximizes your return on investment.




Insurance Coverage

Hunter Allan Building Services Ltd. maintains Professional Liability Insurance, Commercial General Liability Insurance, Automotive Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance. A sample Certificate of Insurance can be provided if requested, indicating the firm’s coverage, policy number and limits of liability.



Company Principal

The principal of Hunter Allan Building Services Ltd. is Mr. Chuck Barnicott RQA,TQ/IP

                                      Mr. Barnicott has been involved in the construction industry for the past 31 years. His wealth of experience                                           includes a term as a committee member for  AIT (Alberta Industry and Training) for the roofing trade, roof                                          inspections manager for the City of Edmonton's Asset Management and Public Works department, roofing                                            systems project manager and senior consultant/project manager with a consulting firm. Mr. Barnicott is                                                familiar with most types of flat and steep roofing systems commercially available in the North Ameri                                                      can market. Mr. Barnicott holds an interprovincial red seal certificate for the roofing trade, is a professional member of the Institute of Roofing Waterproofing and Building Envelope Professionals and Constructions Specifications Canada and is a certified Roof Quality Assurance Observer (RQA) through the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI). Mr. Barnicott has acted as an expert witness on projects in Canada. These projects cover a diverse client base such as industrial manufacturing, mining, food processing, ice arenas, pools, hospitals, colleges, bottling plants, retail and office, warehousing, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, electricity generation and government. Mr. Barnicott has also acted as senior consultant in providing design review/assistance to architectural and engineering firms.

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